Album Review — Sound Kapital, Handsome Furs

Handsome Furs write songs about the Eastern Bloc that swerve aggressively across the violent border between fist-pump rock anthems and minor-key distress signals. The lyrics read almost like propaganda, rooted as they are in the cheerleading of nostalgic, confused teenagers who stumble along a similar fault line—the eerie divide between state communism and modern capitalism. … Continue reading

Wolf Parade, Das Racist, Crystal Castles: The Top Songs of the Week

“Not in Love ft. Robert Smith,” Crystal Castles. The Cure have been relegated to the background in the last few years, even though their dark pop stylings can be traced through 2010 from witch-house to the impassioned vocals of Future Islands. The original “Not in Love” appears on Crystal Castles with the vocal track buried … Continue reading

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