Show Review — Lightning Bolt at Rickshaw Stop | San Francisco, CA | 4.13.11

Skinner, my partner in sonic crime, has a way of capturing situations in perfectly apt and brisk phrases. Last week a group of us saw Lightning Bolt at Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco and something along these lines was uttered: “Going to a Lightning Bolt show and wearing earplugs is like fucking Beyoncé with a … Continue reading

Show Review — Godspeed You! Black Emperor at the Great American Music Hall | San Francisco, CA | 2.20.11

By now almost everyone knows the Godspeed story: reclusive, wordless, (a)political Canadians who became the one post-rock band everyone agreed was worth listening to, at least for a few minutes, to get a sense of what the post in post-rock was actually referring to. Not to say that the twenty-minute orchestral songs weren’t a new … Continue reading

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