The Body’s Corpus: Whitehorse Split, Anthology, All the Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood Lyrics

“Just, Wretched,” the song that The Body contributed to The Body / Whitehorse 7”, is much like the title says. The introductory phrase is reminiscent of black metal slowed down, which is unusual for The Body considering slow black metal is scores faster than the usual Body pace. The second phrase of the song brings … Continue reading

Album Review — Dispirit, Rehearsal at Oboroten

Dispirit’s Rehearsal at Oboroten (2010) sounds like a garage recording of black metal stuffed under a blanket of noise. That duvet hides unsightly coitus of doom and black metal, percolating a vocal that could be the low groan of a distorted, low frequency synthesizer but instead is the oscillating larynx of John Gossard. Gossard was … Continue reading

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