Album Review — Sound Kapital, Handsome Furs

Handsome Furs write songs about the Eastern Bloc that swerve aggressively across the violent border between fist-pump rock anthems and minor-key distress signals. The lyrics read almost like propaganda, rooted as they are in the cheerleading of nostalgic, confused teenagers who stumble along a similar fault line—the eerie divide between state communism and modern capitalism. … Continue reading

Album Review — Ducktails, Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics

Album Review: Ducktails — Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics By Brett Salinas Well, it’s that time of year again…spring is approaching. Sort of. In spite of the fact that most of the country is still getting hit with torrential rain storms and cold fronts, Ducktails is ushering us into the warm glow of a new season. … Continue reading

Album Review — Women, Public Strain

Album Review — Women, Public Strain by Brett Salinas Women have always been a band of contradictions. Blending sleek, tight songwriting with unpredictably experimental riffs. After every blissed out nugget of pure, feel-good pop, the band leads us down a darker, more uncertain road where their rock-leanings start to weigh heavy. On their self-titled debut, … Continue reading

Album Review — Mastodon, Crack the Skye

For a band named after a prehistoric elephantlike mammal, Mastodon’s complex metal is anything but outdated. Crack the Skye — the band’s fifth album — shatters the glass ceiling of traditional metal by replacing overused screams with clean, biting vocals. The band has been nothing but forthcoming about their plans to continue to expand their sound … Continue reading

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