Show Review — Lightning Bolt at Rickshaw Stop | San Francisco, CA | 4.13.11

Skinner, my partner in sonic crime, has a way of capturing situations in perfectly apt and brisk phrases. Last week a group of us saw Lightning Bolt at Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco and something along these lines was uttered: “Going to a Lightning Bolt show and wearing earplugs is like fucking Beyoncé with a … Continue reading

Album Review – EMA, Past Life Martyred Saints

Seeing the noise-folk band Gowns at the House of Nostromo, a dock warehouse in west Oakland, is imprinted in my memory. The place had uneven, large wooden boards for a floor and the residents built themselves rooms in each corner out of plywood. Against one warehouse wall, between two rooms, there was a small, dark … Continue reading

Album Review – Iceage, New Brigade

New Brigade starts with a 47 second noise intro and then the first song “White Rune” erupts with a marching bass drum and snare hits while reverberated and short-delayed guitars stutter away, giving rise to thundering tom hits. Fifty more seconds and out of the no-wave sludge a clean punk riff emerges, all the while … Continue reading

Mixtape Review – Stalley: Lincoln Way Nights (Intelligent Trunk Music)

Movement: it’s what compels listeners not only to indulge in the most complex, sometimes draining, prog-rock compositions (“you end up in a different place from where you started, man”), but also in the hard-hitting, 3 minute, hip-hop anthems, destined to narrate fleeting visions of storefronts and vague urban lights along a car ride.  This seems … Continue reading

Staff List — Best Albums of 2010

Seth Tippey: 1) The Drums – The Drums There’s something amazing about a collection of songs that don’t sound all that different from one another, don’t do anything particularly challenging or force the listener to give a song a second listen to grasp the nuances, yet ultimately provides some of the most satisfyingly catchy music … Continue reading

Band Spotlight — Death Grips

Death Grips is strange. Just watch the video: a crazed looking man with a full beard and buzzed hair wearing a t-shirt yelling shit in front of a strobe light for four, five minutes. A crow pecks at the carcass of another bird and Grips is yelping shit that you cannot possibly understand. Yelp yelp … Continue reading

Album Review — Bass Drum of Death, GB City

Fell in love with a girl, fell in love once and almost completely. But this girl is nowhere to be found on Bass Drum of Death’s GB City. Also missing: the bass drum of death. Ironic band name, I get it. Anyway, not much places this album above the hordes of soup du jour bands … Continue reading

Album Review — Ducktails, Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics

Album Review: Ducktails — Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics By Brett Salinas Well, it’s that time of year again…spring is approaching. Sort of. In spite of the fact that most of the country is still getting hit with torrential rain storms and cold fronts, Ducktails is ushering us into the warm glow of a new season. … Continue reading

A Spark of Creativity: Stingray Sam and The Billy Nayer Show

A Spark of Creativity: Stingray Sam and The Billy Nayer Show By Seth Tippey It’s not often that someone does something radically different from the mainstream avenues of entertainment, and it’s even rarer that someone succeeds at producing something that’s both original and wholly enjoyable. And while it can be argued that Cory McAbee hasn’t … Continue reading

Track Review — EMA “The Grey Ship”

Erika Anderson, whose vocal cords and tremulous guitar feedback stirred something fierce in me during her work with the now defunct greatest-band-of-all-time candidate Gowns, has a new project: EMA. The first public release, “The Grey Ship” is a curious specimen. At the onset is icy 4-track tape static upon which the funeral vessel floats as the shoreline … Continue reading

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