A Spark of Creativity: Stingray Sam and The Billy Nayer Show

A Spark of Creativity: Stingray Sam and The Billy Nayer Show By Seth Tippey It’s not often that someone does something radically different from the mainstream avenues of entertainment, and it’s even rarer that someone succeeds at producing something that’s both original and wholly enjoyable. And while it can be argued that Cory McAbee hasn’t … Continue reading

A Conversation About Baseball

A Conversation About Baseball By Mike Lane John: Hey I met Nate Schierholtz last night! Greg: From the San Francisco Giants? John: Yeah! I told him, “Thanks for winning the World Series, man. It means a lot to this city.” Greg: You thanked him? John: Yeah! Greg: Fuck that! Fuck that, dude. It’s not like … Continue reading

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