Show Review — Death Grips at Fishbowl 666 | Davis, CA | 6.11.11

It sounded like Weiss the Curmudgeon didn’t have a lot of fun at the Death Grips show at Low End Theory in LA this week. Was there a sweaty mosh pit? A lot of people were screaming, you say? Well Weiss, maybe if you’d have put the jaded ballerina inside of you on pause for forty minutes and got … Continue reading

Show Review: Rammstein at the Oracle Arena, May 18, 2011

Rammleid | Bückstabü | Waidmanns Heil | Keine Lust | Weißes Fleisch | Feuer Frei! | Wiener Blut| Frühling In Paris | Ich Tu Dir Weh | Du Riechst So Gut | Benzin | Links 2 3 4| Du Hast | Pussy || Encore 1|| Sonne | Haifisch | Ich Will || Encore 2 || … Continue reading

Track/Video Review — “An Apology” Future Islands

Late in this live performance of “An Apology,” Future Islands lead singer Sam Herring stares past the camera, his exhausted countenance drifting in-and-out of focus, the warm-hued, spinning disco lights dancing across his face like psychedelic ambulance lights, rushing to save someone already too far gone, someone already so far away. The video puts a … Continue reading

Show Review — Lightning Bolt at Rickshaw Stop | San Francisco, CA | 4.13.11

Skinner, my partner in sonic crime, has a way of capturing situations in perfectly apt and brisk phrases. Last week a group of us saw Lightning Bolt at Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco and something along these lines was uttered: “Going to a Lightning Bolt show and wearing earplugs is like fucking Beyoncé with a … Continue reading

Show Review — Godspeed You! Black Emperor at the Great American Music Hall | San Francisco, CA | 2.20.11

By now almost everyone knows the Godspeed story: reclusive, wordless, (a)political Canadians who became the one post-rock band everyone agreed was worth listening to, at least for a few minutes, to get a sense of what the post in post-rock was actually referring to. Not to say that the twenty-minute orchestral songs weren’t a new … Continue reading

Show Review — All Plots Move Deathward: The Body at Death By Audio

Two nights ago a late listening of The Body unearthed from my dreaming psyche terrors unlike any others I had considered previously. In the deliberation of potentially real or strictly hypothetical events I could have never imagined being put to bed by a dear friend with the warmth of my mother’s hand, then realizing he … Continue reading

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