Show Review: Rammstein at the Oracle Arena, May 18, 2011

Rammleid | Bückstabü | Waidmanns Heil | Keine Lust | Weißes Fleisch | Feuer Frei! | Wiener Blut| Frühling In Paris | Ich Tu Dir Weh | Du Riechst So Gut | Benzin | Links 2 3 4| Du Hast | Pussy || Encore 1|| Sonne | Haifisch | Ich Will || Encore 2 || … Continue reading

Interview – Future Islands

All My Friends recently caught up with the spectacular Future Islands to discuss their 2010 triumph, In Evening Air, their method, and their madness. If you haven’t heard this album yet, you should be disappointed in yourself and act posthaste to correct this shameful error of your ways. Once you’re caught up and equally enraptured, … Continue reading

Interview — Carey Mercer of Frog Eyes

AMF had the chance to interview Carey Mercer, the mastermind behind Frog Eyes, Blackout Beach, and, on occasion, Swan Lake.  Below Mercer discusses his influences, amplifiers, literature, and the characters in his lyrics. If you do not yet know of Frog Eyes, their teetering instrumentals and brilliantly composed lyrics will sink their teeth into you. … Continue reading

Band Spotlight — Death Grips

Death Grips is strange. Just watch the video: a crazed looking man with a full beard and buzzed hair wearing a t-shirt yelling shit in front of a strobe light for four, five minutes. A crow pecks at the carcass of another bird and Grips is yelping shit that you cannot possibly understand. Yelp yelp … Continue reading

Cough: An Introduction to the Black Arts

Twenty minutes of incomprehensible shrieking with wah-laden guitar solos and feedback: the doom metal band Cough on the An Introduction to the Black Arts split (Relapse 2010) provides a human being with enough misery to last, say, at least three days. The artful and bouldery thirty-five minute release comprises two songs, but “Gates of Madness” … Continue reading

Band Spotlight: Cuffs

Band Spotlight: Cuffs By Seth Tippey Pants Yell! no longer exists, but Andrew Churchman has a new group with a sweetly familiar sound, thanks in no small part to his recognizably emotive voice and knack for lovely songwriting. He brings along another member of Pants Yell! — whose name, oddly, remains undisclosed — in addition … Continue reading

Band Spotlight: Pants Yell!

Getting It – Pants Yell! by Seth Tippey Pants Yell!’s music is likely disregarded for being unremarkable. And maybe, musically speaking, the instruments do come off as simplistic and understated, giving them a subdued sound with very little punch. The song structures are mostly very basic, the lyrical content is drawn largely from simple adolescent … Continue reading

Rammstein Essay

I first heard Rammstein like everyone else — when “Du Hast” suddenly hit American radio waves sometime around 1998. Those days, Rammstein was grouped with their considerably more mainstream American counterparts, nu-metal rockers like Korn, Limp Bizkit, and Rob Zombie. Despite having only two albums under their belt, Rammstein were forced into a category within … Continue reading

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