Show Review — Death Grips at Fishbowl 666 | Davis, CA | 6.11.11

It sounded like Weiss the Curmudgeon didn’t have a lot of fun at the Death Grips show at Low End Theory in LA this week. Was there a sweaty mosh pit? A lot of people were screaming, you say? Well Weiss, maybe if you’d have put the jaded ballerina inside of you on pause for forty minutes and got into that mosh pit, you could have enjoyed your night a little more.

But seriously, I can’t tell you what good art is but I am certain Weiss cannot either. Though, likely in the case of Death Grips, it is not important to make that distinction. Weiss may think it’s overhyped bull shit that “flaccid” white kids like. And maybe it’s not real hip hop. So if Weiss wants to, he can maintain a stronghold of Rapism (like Rockism but more apt since Weiss is a Rapist, get it?). But that isn’t the point. The point is that Death Grips is gnarly and fun to watch. They have mountains of energy and their performances are a lot more substantial than rappers yelling atonally over an iPod to an unenthusiastic crowd. Weiss may prefer the latter and he can have it, have it all he likes. However, until I grow old and cranky I’mma be on this:

(Photos courtesy and © of Amir Moarefi.)

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