Band Spotlight — Death Grips

Death Grips is strange. Just watch the video: a crazed looking man with a full beard and buzzed hair wearing a t-shirt yelling shit in front of a strobe light for four, five minutes. A crow pecks at the carcass of another bird and Grips is yelping shit that you cannot possibly understand. Yelp yelp yelp “OH NO HES BEEN RESURRECTED.” Fucking right he’s been resurrected. If you took this song to a cemetery over a loudspeaker, some dead man would claw through his coffin, the cement sealant, through the dirt, and without ligaments, flesh, or spirit, he would punch you in the face in hopes that you would freak out and turn the stuff off. And I mean that in the best way possible.

There is hardly any information about Death Grips on the Web other than Zach Hill is in on it. Hill’s influence certainly comes through in beats and the methamphetamine/hippie trip production. Nonsensical flurries and vocal effects burst on and off along with green and white balls circulating throughout the video for “Full Moon (Death Classic).” The album comes out this year, according to the purposely threadbare and neglected website. From what they’ve got so far I would highly recommend it if not for the original smashing of Hill beats and glitch, then for the hours of fun you’ll have mimicking the gibberish of this bearded psycho.

5 Responses to “Band Spotlight — Death Grips”
  1. Pink says:

    Death Grips at Low End Theory in LA June 15th.

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